Cherry Hill Band Out of the Beardspace Goes Into the Sticks for Inspiration

After two years of writing and recording music, local rock band Out of the Beardspace is throwing a party to celebrate the release of their self-titled album.

How do you know if you are "in the beardspace" or "out of the beardspace?"

According to Jeremy Savo, guitar player and vocalist for the Cherry Hill band Out of the Beardspace, “When someone is in thought, and they stroke their beard, and that’s being in the beardspace. That’s when what’s in your head stays in your head. But when a thought becomes real, then it’s out of the beardspace.” 

That’s exactly what band members Ethan Feinstein, Sam Gutman, Zach LoPresti, Matt Oniel and brothers Jeremy and Kevin Savo did during the recording of their first full-length, self-titled studio album. They turned a vision into a reality and moved "out of the beardspace," even though the four of the six members of the band are, in fact, beardless. 

The band emerged two years ago. The six members met in high school while participating in the Cherry Hill School of Rock program. The band began writing and playing music together in a makeshift homemade studio in Cherry Hill. Wanting to set up in a more traditional studio, they secured recording space to continue to work on material for an album.

About six months ago, the six musicians agreed space—some wide open space—was what they needed to keep the album moving forward. 

Ethan, Sam, Zach, Matt, Jeremy and Kevin decided it was time to unplug. The young musicians had always shared a common desire to learn more about farming and sustainability, so once they located a property in Virginia, they hit the road. All six members left New Jersey and relocated to rural Virginia to live off the grid, without electricity or the comforts of home. While living in tents and cooking all their meals over an open flame, the band members learned about self-sufficiency and what it takes to live according to nature’s rules. And, of course, there was music. Everyone played instruments they brought with them or wrote music and lyrics each day, sometimes together and sometimes alone. 

“The most significant moment in Virginia was when we decided to break up the band,” said Jeremy Savo. “For about a week, we thought the band and the album were done, but when we realized that we (had more work to do), the band decided to stay together and the month after that was the most intense.” The near breakup re-energized the group. After living outside for almost half of a year, they packed up their belongings and the harvest from the garden and returned to New Jersey in October. The final recordings for the album were completed in late October. 

Influenced by composer and singer/songwriter Frank Zappa and bands like Dirty Projectors, Led Zeppelin, Parliament Funkadelic, as well other bands that boast distinct rock sounds, the collective goal of the group was to produce their own sound that captures the spirit of freedom that the band experienced in Virginia. Songs like "Chromatic Grungadelic" and "Red Moon," two of the songs from the album, feature the band’s jazz-infused, progressive rock sound. 

The final product, a 17-track album, is being released to the public in true rock-star fashion, with a huge party. According to Savo, the album release event, to be held on Saturday, Nov. 24 in Waterford, Camden County, will be not just “a celebration for finishing a full length album,” but a chance to “make something really cool happen with music.”

Out of the Beardspace will play songs from the album throughout the evening on the night of the release, including some individual performances, which also act as interludes on the debut, full-length CD. 

In addition to a live performance by Out of the Beardspace, three other bands are on the bill. Something Wild, a fellow band from Cherry Hill, will also take the stage. The band Second Child, from New York City and Pine Hollow, of Princeton, will perform during the release party as well. 

The release party will be held at 1677 Conrad Ave., Waterford. The event is outdoors, so attendees are encouraged to dress warmly.  Doors open at 6 p.m. and the show begins at 7 p.m. The cover for the release party is $10, which includes a copy of the album. Also, food and soft drinks will be available for purchase. 

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amy joyce November 23, 2012 at 09:18 PM
Wish I could be with you, ENJOY! #Proud
Pat Crowley November 23, 2012 at 09:53 PM
Very proud of all of you. Look forward to getting a copy.
C.V. November 24, 2012 at 10:09 PM
i was so hoping this would be at a recreation of Bonnies RoXX


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