Lost Haddonfiled: Hadrosaurus foulkii

One of the oldest dinosaur skeletons ever found was discovered in Haddonfield by the owner of several homes featured in this week's historical pictures.

"These photos relate to Haddonfield as the starting place of the Dinosaur Wars between Edward Drinker Cope of the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia—whose house was torn down to build the current Haddonfield Borough Hall at 242 Kings Highway East—and O.C. Marsh of Yale University who visited Cope in Haddonfield," according to Katherine Mansfield Tassini of the Historical Society of Haddonfield.

"Cope took Marsh to the areas in South Jersey where marl diggers were unearthing early fossils. After Marsh left, Cope stopped getting specimens from the local diggers—he found out that Marsh had paid them to send them to him at Yale instead. The PBS show on American Experience called Dinosaur Wars is a wonderful explanation of the entire episode and talks about the Haddonfield visit.

"Also in these pictures are the old Town Hall which stood in Cope’s time and the Hopkins house, Birdwood, and the Hopkins family Mill which were located on the farm property where the Hadrosaurus foulkii was discovered."

These photos are from the archives of the Historical Society of Haddonfield.


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