Crows Woods Gardeners' End of Season Cleanup Today

Haddonfield gardeners close out the season of public plots.

From Crows Woods Gardners:

Crows Woods Gardeners will converge on the gardens today, Nov. 10, 9 a.m.,  for their annual End-of-Season Cleanup, says President Paul Schmeck.

While gardeners are required to clean up their own plots before today, the  official cleanup will feature clearing away and storing hoses, wheelbarrows,  shovels, rakes and hoes.

It will also include inspection of plots. Gardeners who have abandoned their plots will not be invited back next year, Schmeck says.

Gardeners boasted such bumper crops this summer that they contributed weekly supplies of fresh vegetables to the Food Bank of South Jersey to help feed the hungry.

Expansion of the gardens in the spring  boosted the number of gardeners to more than one hundred. People interested in becoming a member of the gardens will find applications on the Crows Woods Gardeners' website: crowswoodsgardeners.com.


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