Camden County Voters Head to the Polls in Senate, Congressional Primaries Tuesday

The first step in the process to fill the Congressional seat left vacant by Rob Andrews takes place Tuesday.

Following Rob Andrews' resignation in February, voters in the First Congressional District finally head to the polls to resolve the primary battles and gear up for the general election on Tuesday, June 3.

Congressman Rob Andrews resigned amid an ethics investigation in February to take a position with Dilworth Paxson. Since then, the district, made up of parts of Camden, Burlington and Gloucester counties, has had no representative in the U.S. House of Representatives.

On Tuesday, voters take a step toward resolving the issue in the Democratic and Republican primaries. The seat will remain vacant until the Nov. 4 elections, when voters will decide not only who fills the seat immediately in a special election, but also who will fill the full two-year term.

Andrews's seat was set to expire at the end of the year, meaning the next full term begins in January.

Three candidates are pursuing the Democratic nomination, including:

* Donald Norcross, a State Senator and brother of prominent South Jersey Democrat George Norcross;

* Logan Mayor Frank Minor; amd

* Frank Broomell Jr., a veteran of the Afghan War from Winslow Township.

Four candidates are pursuing the Republican nomination, including:

* former professional football player Garry Cobb, of Cherry Hill;

* Claire Gustafson, a former Collingswood School Board Member;

* realtor Jerry McManus; and

* Navy veteran and repairman Lee Lucas.

The full term of the U.S. Senate seat Cory Booker won in a special election against Republican Steve Lonegan last year will be decided this year.

Booker is the only Democrat running in Tuesday's primary.

Jeff Bell, Brian Goldberg, Rich Pezullo and Murray Sabrin compete for the Republican nomination in November’s election.

Camden County Freeholder Director Louis Cappelli Jr. and Freeholder Scott McCray are among seven Democrats competing in Tuesday's primary.

Ralph T. Gorgo Jr., Chris Kehner, Michael Leonetti, Kathryn Petner and Thomas Stearns are also running.

Republicans Theodore Liddell and Kimone Smith will also pursue the seats. They run unopposed in Tuesday's primary.

Polls are open from 6 a.m.-8 p.m.

For a list of polling locations in Camden County, visit camdencounty.com.
Russell June 03, 2014 at 12:47 AM
If you are DEMOCRAT, Vote for Mayor Frank Minor. He is loved in his township. He hasn't raised property taxes in 5 years and he bought loads of real businesses and lucrative jobs into Logan Township. People are very happy. Logan Township has the lowest unemployment rate in the state. People love Frank Minor. Unfortunately the Mayor of Gloucester Township is a puppet controlled by a machine. Gloucester Township Mayor is Reckless and Irresponsible. Mayor Mayer brings in minimum wage jobs and gives these retail stores 20 year abatement's that we are stuck paying the taxes for. After the abatement is over, the store leaves Gloucester township with an abandon building and we are stuck still paying the taxes on an abandon building and a minimum wage job that can not support a family. Look at the Super fresh that has been closed on Blackwood Clementon Road. It's been like that for 19 years, you can thank Mayor Mayers Mentor from Mayor Sandra Love and her side kick rumor starter, Judy Calabrese for that. Isn't Calabrese working and collecting a pension too? No wonder the states broke. Then you have Senator Donald Norcross who has the audacity to be running for Congress. WHY? Hello, earth to reality. This is the same Senator who has reckless run Camden into the Poorest most Dangerous City in America and Mayor Mayer is doing the same. This is POOR, RECKLESS LEADERSHIP AND THE PEOPLE NEED TO WAKE UP AND VOTE OUT THE PROBLEMS and start voting in the SOLUTIONS. Did you see the fraudulent ballot. This is CRIMINAL. Why is the Camden County Ballot positioning so unfair and confusing to the voters. This should be reported to the Federal Board of Elections and to the media asap. It is a disgrace what the Camden County Freeholders and Norcross did to cheat. All three candidates should be lined up next to each other. Column 1,2,3 like they have it in Gloucester County. Camden COUNTY is full of so much voter FRAUD and it has ALWAYS BEEN LIKE THAT. Camden County Freeholders lined the Congressional Candidate Frank MINOR all the way in column 7 with this other Frank that Norcross bought in to confuse voters. What's the deal with that. We called the FEDS in PA and told them the situation and how the Camden County Machine issued confusing ballots and Confuse positioning of the ballots to purposely confuse and suppress Voters. The ballot is biased and unfair and will wind up being part of the fraud investigation. Many People in South Jersey are tired of the Camden County Machine rigging elections. When he goes down, I bet they're going to get him on Voter Fraud. It has been massive and blatant. Stop voting for the political boss machine. Norcross is the problem, not the solution. VOTE FOR FRANK MINOR FOR CONGRESS. He's for People, not for the Machine
Maryann Campling June 03, 2014 at 08:57 AM
"Politicians are like diapers....they should be changed often and for the same reason." Anon.
@xxLouA June 03, 2014 at 10:12 AM
of course so what else is new????
John June 05, 2014 at 02:31 AM
They give YOUR tax dollars to the irresponsible in the form of "free stuff" and in return those people along with the double dipping , civil servants show up at the voting booth and pull the necessary lever that keeps the machine running. In the end they reward themselves with pensions that far exceed what the average Camden County household brings in . We are at over a billion dollars a year in this state just to fund pensions . The cost has driven property tax through the roof. They still blame banks and 1%'s when it's their own collective, backdoor greed that is the driving force of foreclosure s , inflation and that has driven industry abroad simply because big business refuses to be shaken down anymore. Banks have offered record low interest rates which have lowered mortgages but these bastards have helped themselves to a win fall of YOUR tax dollars for their own gain . There needs to be a serious change in the way we allow this to happen. More cities WILL go bankrupt and more municipalities will follow.


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