Camden Woman Found Guilty in Bakery Owner's Murder

Latasha Baker, 34, was convicted of felony murder, conspiracy, hindering and robbery for her part in the Oct. 14, 2009 shooting of Oscar Hernandez.

A Camden woman was found guilty in the shooting death of a Woodlynne bakery owner who was shot in his store during an attempted robbery, Camden County Prosecutor Warren W. Faulk announced on Wednesday.

Latasha Baker, 34, was convicted of felony murder, conspiracy, hindering and robbery for her part in the Oct. 14, 2009 shooting of Oscar Hernandez.

Baker was one of four people charged in connection with Hernandez’s murder.

William Cooper, 35, of Camden, Rashawn Carter, 28, of Philadelphia, and Maurice Carter, 31, of Philadelphia are also charged and are awaiting trial. They are charged with felony murder, armed robbery and weapons offenses. Cooper is also charged with murder, as he is accused of shooting Hernandez.

The two Carters are Baker’s brothers and Cooper is a friend of their family.

Baker was found guilty of participating as a lookout during the robbery at Alex’s Bakery on the 1600 block of Ferry Avenue in Woodlynne. She posed as a customer at the bakery multiple times the day of the killing, and was in repeated phone contact with her brother Rashawn Carter the day before and the day of Hernandez’s death.

Baker provided the other three defendants with information about who was in the bakery prior to the robbery attempt, and then played the part of the victim when the armed men entered the business. Hernandez was shot as the men tried to open the register at the bakery. They were never able to open it and fled empty handed.

After the robbery Baker told investigators the robbers had stolen her cell phone, but the phone was later found at her home and a search of the phone records led investigators to the other three defendants.

Baker faces a minimum sentence of 30 years incarceration on the count of Felony Murder alone and could face a maximum sentence of life in prison.

Her sentencing is scheduled for June 20.

John April 10, 2014 at 12:12 AM
What can be said. This was the result of four black adults who decided to prey on someone all because those four black adults refused to assimilate into society .Our third world population is not going away anytime soon. So like they say in the Boy Scouts " Be Prepared" . Which really means " You Can't Do Shit To Protect Yourself ". So folks, there ain't no answer for this. When you have 72% of black children being born out of wedlock. A democratic government who wants to lay blame where it don't belong. . Pathetic, Liberal judges who are educated and as clueless as the day is long and see the perpetrators as victims you can rest assure there ain't no light at the end of this tunnel. I know the CC Freeholders have sore arms from patting themselves on the back, oh and trust me they will reward themselves with very nice pensions ,. But the truth is this whole situation with crime in and around Camden is not going away anytime soon. When you have uneducated , misguided adults who sit around all day drinkin druggin and sexxin it's going to result in similar outcomes like the one for poor Mr Hetnandez. . Wake the hell up America. We are in a crime crisis. The midst of a Heroin epidemic and we MUST begin to hold the fathers of these illegitimate babies accountable for the coast of their actions .
ab April 10, 2014 at 12:10 PM
Well stated!


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