Christmas Soccer Ball Swiped from Crows Woods as Family Watches

Haddonfield police are searching for a Hyundai SUV allegedly involved in the incident.

Haddonfield police.
Haddonfield police.
A Haddonfield mother and her two children were shocked recently when a Christmas soccer ball was swiped in front of their eyes as they played at Crows Woods.

The mother posted a note on Haddon Patch pleading for the ball to be returned to Haddonfield Police or to the corner of Chestnut and East Summit streets with "no questions asked." 

"My two sons and I were playing soccer at Crows Woods and we took our eyes off of this new soccer ball my son received for Christmas," according to a "Speak Out" post from Nevan. "A boy came out of a green/grey small SUV, grabbed the ball and was driven away quickly by an adult.  They were followed by my sons who were screaming 'that's our ball.'"

The incident occurred the day after Christmas. Haddonfield police said this week they are still searching for a Hyundai SUV that was allegedly involved in the incident.
Marie January 05, 2014 at 03:27 PM
Was the "adult" in question intoxicated perhaps? What a nice thing to do.


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