Crane Accident: 'I Heard a Loud Boom' [VIDEO]

Neighbors and officials recount the crane accident Thursday on Woodland Avenue in Haddonfield.

Joanna McDonald said she had just walked through the front door of her home in the 500 block of Woodland Avenue in Haddonfield shortly before 11:30 a.m. Thursday when she heard a loud "boom!"

"I came to the door and saw this truck on its side," she said. "I thought 'That's not supposed to be like that.'"

The bucket truck fell to its side, trapping the crane operator inside the cab. He was removed uninjured by firefighters after power to nearby electrical wires was shut off. Another worker wasn't so lucky. He was taken to Cooper University Hospital with a fractured leg, officials said.

The truck fell over because the tree it was being used to remove was heavier than expected, authorities said

The workers are employees of Hyperion Tree Service of Moorestown.

McDonald said a tree in her backyard just missed the same home a few years ago. She said she heard her neighbors say today that maybe they need to move to a neighborhood with no trees.

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George February 07, 2013 at 09:25 PM
Don't move to an area with no trees ! Stick around another 10 years or so, and there will be no trees in Haddonfield. The town says we do not have the money for our trees. Maybe now that the Bancroft deal is over [ or is it ? ] the town should now float a bond to plant and save our trees. Ask anyone to list why they like Haddonfield .. trees will be on that list.
Robin February 08, 2013 at 02:00 AM
Maybe they should have hired a company based on there experience not there price. Theres an old saying " the sweetness of a good deal wears off long before the sting of poor workmenship".


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