Roxanne Notaro, Owner of Bulldog Hercules, Faces Abuse Charges May 23

The Oak Valley resident is accused of starving and abusing her American bulldog, Hercules.

A Deptford woman accused of starving her dog in a feces-encrusted basement cage won’t face the most serious charges against her until later this month, after an initial court hearing on municipal charges last week.

Roxanne Notaro, who faces five counts of animal abuse related to her American bulldog, Hercules, as well as a sixth count related to a cat she owned, won’t have the animal abuse charges heard until May 23, after .

No further details on that new hearing were available from the Deptford municipal court Monday.

In the interim, the bulldog continues to make progress in a vet’s care, New Jersey SPCA President Richard Yocum said.

“Hercules looks amazing and this is truly a miracle,” he wrote in a Facebook update on the dog’s condition.

It was just over a month ago , when Deptford Police Ptl. Shawn Wentz responded to a call at the woman’s home on Vassar Road in Oak Valley.

The were “horrific,” NJ SPCA officials said—he was covered in his own feces and urine, and had become anemic thanks to an infestation of fleas.

When Gloucester County Animal Control Officer Mark Tourscher seized Hercules from the home, the dog couldn’t even stand on his own, SPCA officials said, but has made a significant recovery since then.

Aside from steadily putting on weight in the care of the staff at Delaware Valley Veterinary Hospital in Mullica Hill, Hercules has recovered to the point where he’s able to run and play a bit most days, Yocum said.

Photos of the dog posted on Facebook show Hercules playing with a stuffed bone in a yard, much improved from the skeletal look he had when found on April 3.

“Hercules has a ways to go for full recovery, but is responding well and is loving life right now,” Yocum said.

Eric Schwartz May 08, 2012 at 12:13 PM
It's great to see him recovering and getting some meat on those bones. It really is a remarkable recovery!
Barbara J Miller May 08, 2012 at 11:32 PM
If I had not seen the original pictures of Hercules, I would not believe it was the one and the same pet. At least he is on his way to the best recovery that can be expected. Not being able to care for your pet is one thing, but to deliberately and viscously do what this woman did to Hercules is unforgiving.....not to mention right down cruel !!!
Joan Elizabeth May 11, 2012 at 11:21 AM
Knowing this dog since he was a puppy, I was hurt to know he was found in such away. It warms my heart to see him happy and healthyagain. He issuch a beautiful dog. Keep doing better babyboy!<3
Sally Ingram May 11, 2012 at 08:55 PM
To Joan Elizabeth Notaro How could you even make such a comment about the dog when he was your's to begin with. You were given the dog as a gift but you didnt even take care of him. You didn't feed him, give him water, or take him outside. How could you even turn your back on your mother and grandmother . You should be supporting them because they did take care of the dog while he was sick. Hercules was not eating and they had to get can dog food and mix them with the dry. You know the history of your mother taking care of a number of dogs with no problems. Why would even at this stage you make such comments to hurt your mother and grandmother. You think you are doing something to hurt them. They took care of you and clothed you and gave you everything they could afford to give you.even a dog named Hercules. One day you will regret the things you have done to them. May God search your heart because of you nocare attitude toward Hercules and your mother and grandmom
Sirena December 09, 2012 at 05:55 PM
Regardless of the stupid family novel that was going on in that house, the poor dog was undoubtedly facing animal cruelty in that insane house. Confined in a crate, starving to death, pure bones, dirty with his own urine. They should not be allowed to own a pet, not even a fish, not even a tamagotchi. What was going through their minds? Animal abusers! pieces of trash!


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