Haddon Twp. Rebounds from Hurricane Sandy

Downed wires and trees abound throughout Haddon Township, but not downed spirits.

Haddon Township residents spent Tuesday cleaning up debris after high winds damaged trees and electric wires. Some homes had limbs blocking entrances, major thoroughfares were detoured and children spent the day looking at the damage from the storm of the century.

Maggie and Gavin Dunn spent the afternoon with their grandfather Jim Dunn as he showed them the damage caused by the aftermath of Sandy. A tree blocked the 300 block of Crestwood Avenue and downed wires were blocked by caution tape.

The 200 block of Crystal Lake Ave. had low wires and the remnants of a broken tree, large limbs blocked the entrances to homes on the 100 block of West Park Boulevard and the 100 block of Cooper, downed wires on Cuthbert Boulevard between West Park Boulevard and Stokes Avenue created a detour for drivers.

Other evidence of the storm could be seen throughout the township. High winds caused excessive damage on the 100 block of Geneva Avenue where a car had its back windshield smashed out and extensive damage to the body of the car when a tree landed on it sometime during the night. The 500 block of West Drive was completely blocked by a tree uprooted from the wet ground and high winds.

Cleanup from the storm will take longer than expected, keeping Haddon Township students home through Wednesday, Oct. 31.

a zalewski November 03, 2012 at 12:44 PM
bradford between fern and park remains blocked once again do to broken tree limbs and down wires this would be a third time occurance as the township has not trimmed th tree back to avoid future damage power outage and expense


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