This Guy Is No Cinderella, but the Shoe Fit

Haddonfield police arrest a man after matching his footprint at the crime scene.

It was an Adidas, not a glass slipper, that changed his carriage into a pumpkin.

Jose D. Santos faced criminal judicial processing on Thursday for a burglary at on Kings Highway on Jan. 5. Santos, 41, of Park Drive in Merchantville, was briefly detained at 2:33 a.m. that morning at the Haddonfield PATCO station for allegedly not paying a fare.

It was moments after police responded to an alarm at Omaha Steaks and found a door-window pane broken out and both cash registers empty. It was not immediately clear if the same officer who answered the burglary alarm also questioned Santos at the PATCO station. He was released after being questioned about allegedly trying to skip the fare.

A shoe print was later discovered on the door of the crime scene. It matched a three-leaf pattern on the bottom of Santos' Adidas sneakers. Haddonfield police said they then had enough evidence to charge Santos.

But he was in the wind, until he turned up in Burlington County jail on a burglary charge from Palmyra. He was charged with the Omaha Steaks heist on Jan. 25 and faced judicial processing Thursday.

This story is no fairytale and had no happy ending for the would-be Cinderella.


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