What Parents Need to Know About New School Emergency Terminology

Camden County has new "plain speech" terminology for classroom emergencies.

Camden County has new terminology for school safety procedures. (Photo:Provided)
Camden County has new terminology for school safety procedures. (Photo:Provided)

Authorities in Camden County have new terminology to describe emergency situations in local schools.

Gloucester Township Police Chief Harry Earle helped lead a law-enforcement task force for "plain speech" terminology to describe school emergencies.

The former Tier I drill is now called a "Lockout." A “Lockout” recovers all persons from outside of the building and secures the building perimeter. A lockout would be utilized when police are actively searching an area near a school. Students and staff continue to function as normally in the school.

Tier II was changed to "Shelter in Place.” A “Shelter In Place recovers all persons from outside of the building. All persons are to remain in classrooms/instructional areas. No movement in hallways or other common areas including the changing of classes. A Shelter In Place may be utilized when a hazardous condition has occurred in a part of the school and keeping students isolated is necessary. Classroom instruction may continue at the discretion of the school principal.

The old Tier III was changed to "Lockdown." This drill would be used in the event of a violent criminal act, natural emergency or other general concern for the safety of the students and staff.

An additional term has also been added entitled a "Room Clear." A Room Clear directs all of the occupants of a specific classroom or area to immediately leave the room or area and relocate to another location under the care of a staff member. An example of when a Room Clear may be utilized when a student or staff member has a significant medical emergency. 

Watch this press conference to learn more: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=07e5Ywv1Ilk&feature=share&list=UUiBPfieSD1Rd8oR2JKdUOIg


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