Gov. Christie Touts Education Reform in Visit to Haddonfield

Haddonfield is one of only 10 towns in the state participating in a pilot program for teacher evaluation.

Gov. Chris Christie came to Haddonfield Monday to talk about new rules for teacher tenure, a key part of his education reform agenda.

"Haddonfield's a broader example of what we're trying to do with education across the state," Christie said during a visit to . "Haddonfield is one of just 10 districts picked to participate in year two of our teacher evaluation program. The pilot is giving us front-line information on implementation that's going to be necessary for us to make the teacher tenure reform legislation I signed last month a reality."

Christie signed a bill into law in August that would overhaul the state's century-old teacher tenure rules. New rules require teachers to be on the job four years instead of three before being granted tenure and also require them to get a rating of "effective" or "highly effective" to keep tenure and remain on the job.

Haddonfield is part of a pilot program to evaluate teachers in the classroom. Superintendent Richard Perry said the program makes up half of the evaluation criteria for teachers here, with the other half based on student performance and other measures.

It was the second time in the past three months Christie has come to Haddonfield. He held a . He said the town is growing on him.

"I've always liked Haddonfield," he said. "It's an example of government at the school-board level and local level that's working. I picked Haddonfield today for what they are achieving educationally in their schools. I think it's an extraordinary example for the rest of the state for what is possible."

Ed Pacelli September 11, 2012 at 01:15 AM
I'm surprised that this posting has been out for a few hours and no democrat has made a comment about Chris Christie's weight. There has to be many of New Jersey's dedicated teachers out there that are threatened by any standards being imposed. They just hope that the local municipalities just issue the checks and mind their own business. I'm a little suspicious of the supposed improvements in these 10 districts. It seems more like the unions are smart enough to keep a low profile when so many in this state are hurting to throw salt in the wound. Hopefully someday these greedy teacher unions will be crushed and teaching returns to an honorable profession. Ed Pacelli
Maryann Campling September 11, 2012 at 12:33 PM
Well said....the Union is the 600 pound gorilla in the room!


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