Haddonfield Sidewalk Vote Divides Commissioners

"It amazed me that any elected official would take a vote, in my opinion, against pedestrian safety," Mayor Tish Colombi says.

A vote last week to install a 1,400-foot sidewalk has opened a fissure in the usually close-knit Board of Commissioners.

The vote came after weeks of debate about the 2012 road improvement program, a topic that usually hardly raises an eyebrow among borough residents. But a push to install sidewalks along the Washington Avenue corridor that leads into the Tavistock golf course rallied neighbors against it.

Commissioner Jeff Kasko sided with the neighbors and voted against installing a sidewalk along the sprawling, winding roadway with large, distinctive homes. Commissioners Tish Colombi and Ed Borden voted to install the sidewalks. The sidewalks will be installed.

"It amazed me that any elected official would take a vote, in my opinion, against pedestrian safety," Colombi, the mayor, said. "What I heard at every meeting from neighbors there was that 'we need something to control the speeding. Why not give us speed bumps?'"

Neighbors there have grown accustomed to not having sidewalks and extending landscaping to the street. The residents have also expressed concerns about maintenance of sidewalks, which customarily reverts to the homeowner once installed.

Borough officials have argued that they have a responsibility to promote pedestrian safety and sidewalks are part of that mission. They also stressed that the cost of the sidewalks is significantly reduced when including them with area road projects. The sidewalks here are expected to cost about $60,000 out of a $700,000 road and drainage improvement.

But Kasko eventually decided the neighbors' concerns and the sidewalk cost added up to a no vote.

"I don’t think we should have a blanket rule that where ever there isn’t a sidewalk we’re going to put one in, no matter what," Kasko said. "I’m all for public safety and pedestrian safety, but there are other concerns. You weigh the cost of the project, what effect it has on flooding and shade trees.

"It didn't pass the test. Is it worth it to spend that money and create divisiveness up there in that neighborhood for the couple of people who are going to walk on the sidewalk? It's not worth it."

Kasko has increasing found himself at odds with Colombi and Borden in recent months. He and Borden had a when both slammed their hands on a desk to make a point. 

Borden, the commissioner who oversees public safety, said the sidewalk on Washington Avenue was the right thing to do.

"I think when we are installing streets it's the least expensive time to install sidewalks," he said. "To me, it's a safety issue. Sidewalks are safe for pedestrians. It's the right and safe thing to do."

Colombi hinted that Kasko's vote could be "political." All three commissioners, the highest elected borough officials, are up for reelection in 2013. But the current division in borough government crosses party lines. Kasko and Colombi are Republicans and Borden is a Democrat. But borough elections are nonpartisan and party affiliation is not listed on the ballot.

Kasko dismissed Colombi's insinuation that his vote was about politics.

"Everything that I approach, every vote to spend tax dollars, is not motivated by politics," he said.


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CeCe August 10, 2012 at 06:04 PM
We do not have sidewalk abutting all of our property. We have landscaped and installed a sprinkler system on the area that the borough has not claimed. We also have an almost dead oak tree tha thas FINALLY gotten its' red X. No guess as to when it wuill come down. An arborist hired by the borough 3 years ago told us it was an "immediate take down", but it still stands today. While I don't want to lose the area that we have cultivated, I'm sure the people on Washington feel the same way. Is the borough going to pay for or replace any plantings that have to be moved or that happen to die? And what about sprinkler systems? That's not an easy thing to move either. Have they taken these kinds of things into consideration? Seems to me that whether it's dying trees, laying unneeded sidewalks, or doing a fencing job like the Methodist cemetery, "they" do what they want to do, period. 2 out 3 makes it legal. Why not unanimous instead? I know, majority rules, but when only one commissioner agrees with the little guy, we LOSE!
Brian Kelly August 10, 2012 at 08:55 PM
CeCe, This is why everyone in the town needs to be united and realize the problems affecting one neighborhood affects all. This is why their actions need to be put in the court of public opinion and judged accordingly. In my opinion they've stopped doing what is in the best interest of the community as a whole a long time ago. There are priorities all over town that dwarf this by light years but by God, those sidewalk are going in no matter what. When politicians stop listening they need to hear your voice...loudly. Bill, I respect your opinion and understand where you're coming from. But when politicians take a series of stands against the community and consistently rebuff their concerns, people reach a breaking point. The Mayor and the commissioner have fully earned this anger. This is what happens when the special interests who got them where they are sets the agenda. If anyone thinks Tish Colombi and Ed Borden are the visionaries for the direction Haddonfield's been heading, I have a bridge I want to sell you. If the two of them can't take the heat they should get out of the kitchen. Either that or try another solution...do a little walking in shoes of the people being affected by their decisions.
Adam R August 10, 2012 at 09:04 PM
I've never felt unsafe as a pedestrian walking along these streets. They are wide and lightly traveled. I think that sidewalks would detract from the visual appeal of that area. I also agree that if any area needs sidewalks, it is Grove Street near Pardee and to the bridge.
Brian Kelly August 11, 2012 at 02:00 PM
Good Lord! I just came back from a drive on Washington avenue...has everyone looked at all those photos at the top of this page?!! When they put those sidewalks in they're going to tear down trees and plow through lawns, bushes, gardens, sprinkler systems and driveways. The commissioners say they're spending 60 to 75 thousand grand to do this? What a LIE. That's a six figure taxpayer funded annihilation of the neighborhood. All in the name of what was it the Mayor said, pedestrian safety? Go on facebook.com/HaddonfieldUnited and take a look at issues of real pedestrian safety that have been ignored for years. if the Mayor really cares about the safety of the residents she professes to serve she'll fix these problems NOW.
Taxpayer August 12, 2012 at 02:50 PM
The irony in this professed concern about pedestrian safety is that when snowy or icy road conditions make a sidewalk an important safety feature, our local ordinances do not require shoveing of sidewalks. So deep snow forces pedestrians (including our young school children) to walk in the streets even in the worst traffic in town, regardless of the presence of sidewalks. That situation presents a much bigger safety hazard to many more vulnerable pedestrians than does lack of sidewalks on infrequently traveled streets. Why haven't the commissioners focused on resolving that safety issue, if they say they are so concerned about pedestrian safety?
Brian Kelly August 12, 2012 at 04:36 PM
I see it clearly now. The Mayor, with her new found love of sports (hence the multi million dollar sports complex making the athletic fields used in every neighborhood since the conception of organized sports in Haddonfield obsolete and ready for prime real estate) is just spending money to create a toboggan run down the steep grade at Washington so our kids can compete in the winter Olympics! Between that and the turf fields so our student athletes can gain scholarships to Princeton, I see what a fabulous investment of our sky rocketing taxes this really is! All kidding aside, (about the toboggan, anyway) every resident of Haddonfield should drive by the proposed sidewalk area and look at the beautiful trees and bushes, manicured lawns, landscaped gardens and driveways that will torn asunder and ask yourself if this is a wise expenditure of taxpayer dollars. It also looks like the electric and telephone poles are in the line of fire. Of course, any cost given to you by the commissioners should automatically be doubled or tripled. Those sidewalks are no 60 thousand dollar job but hey, it's not their money they're spending in their quest to remake Haddonfield in their vision.
Bill Tourtellotte August 15, 2012 at 07:25 PM
The fact is that you chose to landscape and take over land that is not yours, it is ours. The community owns it. When you and others choose to make use of land in the public right of way, you do so at your own risk just like if you build or landscape across the line onto your neighbors yard. Zero sympathy if you have to pull it out later because it is not yours. Speaking of the "little guy", I and other pedestrians are the true little guys who are prevented from safe access into the few neighborhoods that do not have sidewalks yet. I push strollers and my Dad is in a wheelchair. Should we walk in the street because someone took over the land that belongs to the town? We currently have two choices, to walk in the street or stay out. Saying that not many people walk there is not a valid argument because safe access does not exist. This is in fact a pedestrian community and the few roads that do not have sidewalks yet, will eventually have them. Let's not get carried away or twist facts or property rights around to the reverse of what they actually in fact are. There is nothing unsightly, objectionable or unfair about a sidewalk. A sidewalk is a standard safety feature and is on land that we all own. The Commissioner's did the right thing for the all of the little guys who actually own that land and the right thing in the name of public safety. Let's give them break for goodness sake.
Bill Tourtellotte August 15, 2012 at 07:38 PM
Brian, the passion is great but you really need to be careful not to direct anger and or lay responsibility toward folks who do not control some of these things. Further, getting some background details on what programs are in place and how they are being implemented would be a good idea. For example, the BOE is in charge of all things related to Radnor field and many other fields and properties around town. The Commissioners in most cases have no authority there. The sports programs are mostly funded by a combination of generous donors and the fees paid by parents of the participants. Many of these programs are run by groups of concerned citizens trying to make a difference and have lots of input along the way. For example, "TAPS", Traffic and Pedestrian Safety has effectively improved many areas for residents and much of these projects have been paid for by public grants and not by the local taxpayers directly. I'm still a little flabbergasted that folks would use an issue like a needed sidewalk to trash folks who are serving us. I also wish they would quit saying we don't need them. I and others who walk need them. Am I nobody? And for what, so the people in that posh neighborhood who took over our public land like it was their own can have their yards look even bigger than they rightfully are? They know that land is not theirs and they or their predecessors knew it when they tried to take it. I love your passion, but you need to get the facts first to be fair..
Bill Tourtellotte August 15, 2012 at 07:42 PM
Further, I would strongly suggest that you sit down with each of the Commissioners and discuss your issues. I know that each of them WILL make the time for you if you reach out to them. I would start with Tish because she is the most accessible and appears to be the one who you are criticizing the most, and in most cases, unfairly based upon the facts as I know them. She is a wealth of information and once you have that info, you can direct your passion more productively. If you get the facts and disagree on matters, that's fine. But get the info first. I disagree with each of them on many things, but we have to do our best to take the time to have the info to be fair. Thanks, Bill
Brian Kelly August 17, 2012 at 02:56 AM
Actually Bill, what constitutes a wealth of information is, let's say, investigating a situation after you're told conflicting reasons by your commissioners. Let's use Radnor Field as an example. I was told, by my elected officials, four different reasons for turf fields. They are all documented by myself in the pages of patch but lets go over a few. 1) The fields are too expensive to maintain. 2) We spend very little on the fields, they're maintained by the people using them. So I went to Radnor Field, where by the way I grew up and watched the fields being properly maintained for years and years, before they had built in sprinkler systems or any kind of water access they have today. I examined the field. Using my knowledge from when I used to landscape, I observed the field hadn't been rotated or thatched in years and more surprisingly, the whole sprinkler system was so poorly maintained it produced tiny lush patches of green grass while the rest of the field was burnt toast. As a result, the undergrowth is compromised, which means easy breakdown and dangerous playing conditions for the girls field hockey team. Got that? DANGEROUS CONDITIONS. There is now total weed growth in front of the girls goal areas on both sides of the field. Total incompetence. When you hear four different explanations from your Mayor, use your brain and figure it out. By the way, go on facebook.com/HaddonfieldUnited where you'll see the pictures I took from my Radnor Field investigation
Bill Tourtellotte August 17, 2012 at 03:35 AM
Brian, this is exactly what I am talking about. Radnor is a BOE owned and operated field. Your beef is with the school board and not the Commissioners on this example. At least take up your concerns or level your criticisms with the responsible parties.
Brian Kelly August 17, 2012 at 03:48 AM
So as far as you knowing more than me, you're certainly entitled to your opinion but you're wrong. If your best advice is listening to Tish and her wealth of information that pretty much proves it. Good God Bill, she's a politician. Okay? A politician. Politicians have agendas and the commissioner's is far from what is best for Haddonfield. Which brings up the anger issue. Yes, I'm angry all right. Do you know the debt our town is in? 45 million dollars. By state law, the debt of our town cannot exceed 69 million. When the commissioners finish up with their Bancroft/turf/sports complex with it's added expenses (you know, like saying the sidewalks on Washington will only be 60 grand) and their other projects like tearing down a tree they weren't supposed to take down to lay down asphalt for their permanent bleachers at Centennial field (ask and I'll give all the companies involved and the total operating costs of the project) our commissioners are going to take us up to the 69 MILLION DOLLAR cutoff point. 69 MILLION DOLLARS in debt for the town of Haddonfield while the infrastucture falls to pieces. 69 MILLION DOLLARS IN DEBT. Remember Borden's remarks? "Haddonfield will become more expensive. Some of the less affluent will have to leave". People taxed so high they have to leave the town they love and don't even try and dare to deny that because I've talked to hundreds of residents and I KNOW. So what happens to a town that's so full of debt it can't borrow anymore?
Bill Tourtellotte August 17, 2012 at 04:20 AM
I never said that I knew more than you but I am saying that there is a difference between facts and opinions. You are repeatedly slamming one person on a three person commission and attributing actions and decisions of other boards and commissions and the BOE to the commissioners and the mayor in particular. I'm unsuccessfully trying to suggest that such an approach may hurt your results more than help them. For all of the energy and time and passion you are exhibiting, I'm perplexed as to why you are apparently unwilling to spend a small fraction of that meeting with the person you are upset with. Is it that you are so convinced that you know all you need to know and she has nothing to offer you in terms of facts and insight? Or is it that you are afraid that some or many of your notions may be dispelled and you don't want that? I like your passion, concern and love for your town. I feel that we have that in common and it is motivating our discussion on both ends here. But frankly, I hate to see all of that wasted with an approach that in my opinion is often unfair to those of us who serve us.
Brian Kelly August 17, 2012 at 04:39 AM
The first thing that goes is available assets, and since every sports field will be made obsolete by the high school sports complex, sooner or later every field in every neighborhood will get sold...except the one at Crows Woods. That's too close to the Mayor. It's bad enough our historical heritage is vanishing under these people but when they start slapping up houses and apartments in these areas it'll change the town beyond imagining. On a personal aside, one of the reasons you said you agree with the commissioners installing sidewalks on the Washington Avenue is because it was legal. You know what else is legal? Eminent Domain. If someone decided to bulldoze your house to stick a road through it, you might feel a little more sympathy towards the people who have had their lives turned upside by these politicians, who have little regard for all but a handful of residents. The government statistics on Haddonfield's debt will be available on Haddonfield United and the link to the Patch. Bill, I respect your opinion and know you're a good citizen and person but I know just what's going and believe me, so do thousands of Haddonfield residents. I don't question the character of our elected officials outside of of the political arena. But inside the political world of Haddonfield they are oblivious to the everyday concerns of the average resident and are an unmitigated disaster to our historical heritage.
Bill Tourtellotte August 17, 2012 at 12:36 PM
This is getting completely carried away at this point. There is no way in heck ANY of the existing sports fields or natural open publicly owned land will be sold to build housing in our lifetimes. Mark my words on that.There are a few areas that are unfortunately earmarked for possible affordable housing which is a different issue mandated by a state system and a topic for another day. At this point I have to say that the continuing to complain about a sidewalk and asserting that their "lives were turned upside down" is misguided. Let's be real and take a deep breath and realize what we are talking about. It's a sidewalk. Should those homes on upland way right around the corner with new sodewalks be the target of pity now as well? Come on now. It's an upgrade to the neighborhood and it looks good and allows people to walk safely finally. Let's be rational. Will you feel sorry for me too because I want my sidewalk removed and push people into the street in front of my house? Think about what you are saying. Commenting about Crows not getting sold because it is too close to the mayor is disrespectful, incendiary and not even accurate. How does trashing one person in that fashion serve your purpose? Someone you are refusing to even speak to In order to address your concerns. I'd line to see this passion channeled and used to help us all make this town better. I fear that is not likely as you seem to be ratcheting up a campaign of negativity and harsh insults and innuendo.
Brian Kelly August 17, 2012 at 01:17 PM
Bill, Since Ed Borden, along with Steve Weinstein, completed this deal behind executive closed doors, the criticism and implication of all is eminently valid, Yes, the BOE is responsible for Radnor field, hence attempt to use it for lower income housing during last year's plan. It all ties in with the Bancroft/turf/sports complex agenda, which was originally handled by the borough but pushed over to the BOE because it was a more expedient and functional way of achieving the goal which all the major players have a hand in. To watch this from the beginning, how it's been maneuvered is quite the coordinated effort. The support from this has been a universal effort touted by Mayor Colombi, Commissioner Borden and Steve Weinstein. The Mayor has been a front person for the conditions of the fields being a reason for the turf, The Mayor is responsible for the municipal work force. The field is taken care of by borough workers. The commissioners are responsible for the safety of Haddonfield's residents. This notion of "addressing the responsible party" while the issue conveniently gets tossed back and forth is as old as politics itself. By the way, addressing the "responsible party" with these people is a joke in and of itself. The collusion between the commissioners, the BOE and all the special interests involved have been running this town into the ground. I'm taking my concerns to the people who really matter...the residents of Haddonfield. See you at election time.
Brian Kelly August 17, 2012 at 02:05 PM
I notice something about some people. They can dish it out but they can't take it. The decisions that have been made that affected people in this town, the insults and lies against the people of Lee Ave? The public statement of Haddonfield becoming more expensive and the less affluent will have to leave and you have the unmitigated gall to tell me I'm being disrespectful? As for the fields being sold the first one already would have been a DONE DEAL if it wasn't for the RESIDENTS who live there making there voices heard. Got it? They want to destroy the historical heritage of this town and force our hard working citizens who live here but weren't afforded the advantages of wealth they were out of town? The funny thing is, in all this you're portraying our elected officials as the unfairly criticized put upon victims. As far has channeling passion for the good of the town, that's just what I'm doing. Bill, don't think I'm just one person that feels this way. We all love our town so much and we're saving it. It's called Democracy in action. It's what America is all about.
Reed Rothchild August 17, 2012 at 02:46 PM
FACT: No sidewalks should be added in Haddonfield until they are added/repaired on Grove street. If you think otherwise you are ignorant and wrong. Period. FACT #2. Sidewalks on the portion of Washington that is in question are a waste of money and completely unnecessary regardless of "legality". It is not dangerous to walk in the street there. Use common sense. The only people that should be campaigning FOR the sidewalks there are the residents that live in that area which are effected, which DOES NOT EXIST. If one grumpy old person wants a sidewalk in that area that does not suffice as a reason to install one and our for the bogus commissioners to abuse their "power". This is such a ridiculous "non-issue". C'mon now people.
Brian Kelly August 17, 2012 at 03:39 PM
I notice something about some people. They can dish it out but they can't take. Let me tell you what an insult is. It's slapping up a six foot fencing on people and justifying it by lying and saying the people who live there made noise during funerals and threw trash on the grounds. It's running up massive debt and telling hard working successful Haddonfield residents whose sin it is to not be born with a silver spoon in their mouths that the town is going to become more expensive and some of the less affluent will HAVE TO LEAVE the town they love. Maybe it's time for you to redefine the word insult. As for the fields, Radnor field would have already been a DONE DEAL if it wasn't for the residents voicing the anger. I call that damn conclusive evidence. It's so funny you make the the commissioners out to be the victims in all this. The poor commissioners who have let the town fall to pieces while running the town into such debt some residents are forced to leave. As for your charges of misdirected passion, people uniting to make their voices heard from politicians with their own agenda is the epitome of Democracy and the ultimate show of American Patriotism. I also find your attitude towards your fellow neighbors having their streets torn asunder so you can walk on an unneeded sidewalk selfish, self centered and callous. Just my opinion. As for this POSITIVE passion you're seeing, I'm just a cog in the wheel. People in charge better get used to it.
Maryann Campling August 20, 2012 at 10:20 PM
Been so busy with work that I've missed all of the fireworks. Now boys, play nice or you'll get put into "time out.". But, God....I love the First Amendment!! Bill, Brian, I know you guys were born and raised in H-field, both sons of successful fathers. etc., and I'm just a truck driver's daughter from Philly (I know you are both smart enough to appreciate my sarcasm), but here goes: There is no doubt in my mind that I, on a weekly basis, talk to more people in this town that both of you and the three Commissioners put together. And I mean all over this town, not just the Tavistock crowd, nor the single toilet, Catholic ghetto east end. And there is a commonality....for years there has been an undercurrent of unrest in Haddonfield, and in the past year or so, it has blossom into full-fledged anger. Residents are fed up with politics as usual, and the disconnect with the entire citizenry by two thirds of the Commission. A gentlemen stopped me recently to ask me about the fence debacle....I'm quite a folk hero, you know. We started talking about how things have changed in this town. He said that he has lived here for 67 years; when I asked him what he thought was the source of all of the negative changes, he said...without missing a beat..."the laywers, developers and the damn yuppies!" I don't know if he was talking about the l980's Yuppies, who were incredibly annoying or their progeny...who are even more annoying, if that's possible.
Maryann Campling August 20, 2012 at 10:30 PM
As I said before, people just don't seem to matter anymore...and that's sad. My heart goes out to the folks who will have their beautiful section of Washington Avenue ruined...I still can't understand the necessity as I said before, the only problem I ever heard was when the DUI drove her Jag into the Zoubek's tree. My friends on Hopkins, Beechwood, Summit. Farragut are worried about what's coming to their neighborhood. Unlike Lane of Acres....which I understand is a private thorofare. and the "Private (Pretentious) Lane" where our beautiful cow pasture used to be...the rest of us live at the mercy of the Boro. In a town that professes to be Mayberry RFD/Bedford Falls, we are doomed to be Peyton Place/Harper Valley. But, if our Commissioners' are reading this....buckle up....the natives are restless and change is in the wind.
Bill Tourtellotte August 21, 2012 at 09:37 AM
Maryann, Lane of Acres is a public road. Also, I'm still perplexed at the upside down logic that persists about the sidewalk on OUR public property. You'd think that certain folks claiming injustice would instead be upset about a high end lawyer resident trying to prevent the public from using public land for safe access into a high end neighborhood. And somehow now sidewalks are a scar on the street scape? So my property is lesser because I have a sidewalk where people can pass by my home safely? You'd think folks would be annoyed with the resident lawyer who was trying to force residents to have to walk in the street or stay out of the neighborhood. But instead, they are abusing our elected officials. I just don't get it but have to conclude that it's because these individuals are angry about another issue and are casting all other actions in a negative light. As for your issue with the fence, bear in mind that I believe that the Planning Board normally would have no legal grounds to deny it. My understanding is that only the historic district ordinance and HPC interpretation provided the grounds for denial. So the issue is the PBs choosing to disregard the HPCs advice. Aside from Eds participation on the PB, being angry with the Commission seems misdirected. Bill
Bill Tourtellotte August 21, 2012 at 10:06 AM
Btw, I'm not at all happy with what appears to me to be a repeated tendency for the Planning Board to reject the recommendations of the HPC. But again, that's on them, not the commissioners.
Former Union Member August 26, 2012 at 05:09 PM
I've really enjoyed reading the back and forth between Bill and Brian, Me thinks you both have way too much time on your hands!! Granted the subjects discussed here are important, but certainly not critical. As a former resident, and widow of a "Haddonfield Born and Raised" I would like to say Haddonfield is not what it used to be.
Former Union Member August 26, 2012 at 05:19 PM
aannnd what did Maryann Campling mean by.."the single toilet, Catholic ghetto east end" I thought that Anti Catholic stuff went out years ago...I can still remember when we moved to Haddonfield in 1944 that there were certain kids who were not allowed to "play with me" because we were Catholics! ahhh yes, Haddonfield at it's finest!!
Brian Kelly August 27, 2012 at 02:10 PM
Former union member, It's interesting when someone outside the loop comments and puts things in perspective. The sidewalk issue is just one of many happening in a critical time in Haddonfield's history. While it may seem to you like Bill and I have to much time on our hands it shows the passion between residents in Haddonfield and is reflective of the way citizens all over the town are feeling. I, for one, think it's outstanding people are voicing their opinions over matters that are directly affecting their lives in a big way. As for Maryann Campling's comments about the catholic ghetto east end, she is a referring to herself and her neighbors at Lee avenue and how an unfair political decision has affected their lives. The very attitude you correctly pointed out has been thrust upon them. Haddonfield at its finest indeed.
Maryann Campling August 27, 2012 at 11:34 PM
Greetings FUM and fellow Patchers and Patchettes: I was raised in a household that valued and encouraged debate and discourse. I remember at age 4 or 5 sitting on my Grandpop's lap, while he and his goombas drank homemade "dago red" and smoked those little black cigars and argued about politics, religion, current events and how much veal should go into the meatballs. They all yelled and pounded the table, then hugged and went home. I LOVE the banter between H-field residents...it alarms and saddens me that most people know all of the stats of their favorite sports team, or who's winning "Dancing with Stars", but are clueless about matters that affect their everyday quality of life, on a federal, state and local level. It's scary. Regarding the Catholic ghetto/single toilet comment......these are phrases that my friends who were born and raised here told me about. The Catholic Ghettoi refers to the area around C the K, and the single toilets homes on the east side, built in the 40's, for the most part had one bathroom, as opposed to homes in the high rent district, which had multiple bathrooms. I've been told that there has always been an east/west mentality in H-field....it is just more covert these days.
Maryann Campling August 27, 2012 at 11:42 PM
As a practicing Catholic, I was amused a few months ago, when someone told me that we think that we are better than everyone else and that we"pray to statues and worship the Pope." Did you know that, FUM? 16 plus years of Catholic education....I guess I was asleep during that class. And the comments were made by a highly educated, born and raised Haddonfieldlian. Well...keep the debates going....God Bless America and the First Amendment! (And Bill, mea culpa re the L of A/private road issue....I must have misunderstood the engineer's comment at the Commish Mtg, Ciao
Brian Kelly August 28, 2012 at 04:50 PM
Maryann, You might just given the final word (for the moment) on this particular installment of sidewalks in Haddonfield! It's outstanding to see so many residents engaged in the issues of the town.
Kathi Boggs-Shaner September 10, 2012 at 05:17 PM
If the politicians really cared about pedestrian safety, perhaps they should figure out a way to install sidewalks on Hopkins Lane. Understand, I'm not suggesting home owners' property should be disturbed, many have built attractive landscaping and, like the folks on Washinton Ave, I feel they have a right to beautify their property, but there sure is plenty of land on the other side where a safe haven for pedestrians could be considered! I guess they're just waiting to spend a millions on the Bancroft takeover and hope no one is injured in the meantime. On another note, I've always wondered... if the land belongs to the Borough, why doesn't the Borough accept repsonsibility for maintaining it? Many towns have certificate of occupancy requirements that hold home owners responsible for repairing cracked and uneven sidewalks prior to the sale of their homes. Most of the time, its the trees the towns have planted that destroy the sidewalks and the owner ends up paying to replace the damaged pads. Fortunately, Haddonfield has not adopted that requirement, yet.


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