HMHS Auditorium Makeover Part of BOE Goals

A public-private effort in Haddonfield aims to rehab the deteriorated auditorium.

Improvements to the high school auditorium continue with the support of the Lights, Camera, Action community-led committee, the Haddonfield Board of Education reported this week.

The organization raised more than $80,000 toward improvements. The board provided a summary of the auditorium project. Painting, which included plaster repairs, lead paint removal and labor, was complete at the cost of $163,000 and paid with funds from the capital budget.

The district is expected to have 40 percent of the sound system, lighting and curtains cost returned through a state grant. The board approved a $34,423 purchase and installation of new drapes in an action meeting this week.

When the curtains were removed for painting, most were in serious disrepair due to dry rot. Other expenditures include refinishing the stage floor a cost of $5,000. The entire project will cost in excess of $315,000 for improvements.

District goals

Superintendent Richard Perry shared the district school board goals for the upcoming year, including:

  • Maintain or improve current standards of the quality of student academic performance at all the grade levels throughout the district—elementary, middle and high school.
    • standardized assessments including NJ Ask, HSPA, SATs
    • school regional rankings
    • subject level assessments
    • AP scores
    • expansion of the Drexel University Partnership
    • successful completion of curricular audits
  • Create and implement digital learning environments where critical thinking skills will be developed.
    • district technology initiatives including iPad programs, SMART technology, high school library restructuring, projectors, airliners, online curricular programs
    • district technology infrastructure
    • technology policies
    • technology BOE, community committees
  • Effectively manage administrative team through the implementation of major initiatives.
    • state mandated teacher evaluation implementation
    • school district budget process
    • QSAC
    • common core
    • Journey's language arts program
  • Communicate and inform the public regarding the district’s Bancroft Referendum project along with meeting all requirements for the due diligence of the Bancroft property and the state application process for the referendum.
    • attending community meetings such as borough public meetings, environmental commission, Rotary, 65 Club
    • reaching out to public with communications, small group meetings, individual meetings with residents and stakeholders
    • working with architects, engineers, bond council and community volunteer committees
    • seeking additional funding such as open space and green acres grants
    • working with BOE and BOE Bancroft committee
  • Successfully completing district capital projects as per the district’s long range facilities plan and buildings and grounds recommended plans, utilizing ROD (Regular Operating Districts) grants when appropriate.
    • Bancroft initiative capital project process
    • high school auditorium project
    • high school football turf field project
    • roofing projects
    • district infrastructure process
    • revising and updating long range facilities plan


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