If you need evidence that Ted Mann is a somebody, just Google me. You'll get like a gajillion hits! Of course, all of those pages are referring to other Ted Manns (the mayor of Newton, MA, a theatre owner, and a soap actor -- natch!), but who am I to argue with free publicity?  If you're looking for the real me, you'll have better luck searching "turkeymonkey," the only term that I exclusively own on the web. And if you'd like to know what kind of writer I am, just call up any of my colleagues, who I guarantee will say that I'm prompt, professional, and rather dashing in a v-neck sweater.  In addition to working as the Director of Digital Development for the Gannett NJ newspapers and websites -- including APP.com, CourierPostOnline.com, DailyRecord.com, MyCentralJersey.com, and TheDailyJournal, as well as the hyperlocal blog network InJersey -- I spend my free time teaching my daughter Caroline not to be afraid of cows, devising elaborate gadgets to entertain my cats, massaging my wife's feet, and refining my masterpiece--a creme brulee recipe eight years in the making.
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